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  2. Personalising card

    Personalising enables the person to make use of any discounts to which they are entitled.

    If you have registered as a resident of Tallinn since personalising your Public Transport Card, you will have to personalise it again in order to obtain the right to free travel.

  3. Check the validity

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Ride with a travelcard

Use Ühiskaart for buying bus tickets. Ühiskaart is a contactless travelcard which can be used all across Estonian cities. All your tickets safely and conveniently on one card. See more information here.

  • From 26.07.2023 the sale of long-distance tickets on the Pilet.ee mobile application will end. Visit our mobile-friendly website kaugliinid.pilet.ee on your mobile.
  • You can purchase the Public Transport Card "Ühiskaart" from Omniva e-shop and receive the card in your mailbox. There are different card designs, and all cards are cross-usable. Read more about the Public Transport Card here.
  • Now it is possible to buy a ticket on Tartu public transport even faster! Activate the Express Mode for Apple Pay on your phone and buy a ticket without having to open the device or an app. The payment solution also works when the device has run out of battery. Read more: tartu.pilet.ee.

Tallinn Zoo

Paldiski mnt 145 / Ehitajate tee 150, Tallinn

The Zoo introduces the public to a variety of animals and conveys information about wildlife through interpretative signs and boards, interactive devices, printed handouts, and media representations.

Tickets of Tallinn Zoo ›

Tallinn Botanic Garden

Kloostrimetsa tee 52, Tallinn

Tallinn Botanic Garden enables you to examine the plants that grow in different parts of the world, all year round. The Botanic Garden is an excellent place for a walk, relaxation and having a pleasant picnic in summer.

Tickets of Tallinn Botanic Garden ›

You can load tickets or money (to buy single tickets) on your public transportation card.

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You can load tickets or money (to buy single tickets) on your public transportation card.

More information ›