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Personalising your Public Transport Card

If you are eligible for discounts, you must personalise your Public Transport Card in order to make use of them. Personalizing cards online (www.pilet.ee) or in the public service office (Vabaduse väljak 7) or other sales points of Tallinn City Government is free of charge. Elsewhere the service costs €1. Personalised e-tickets are only valid with proof of identity.
You can buy a Public Transport Card from a sales point here.

The majority of travel discounts are registered on cards automatically by checking whether the card holder is listed in the student or pensioner registers.

A parent of a family with three or more children (who is not a resident of Tallinn) and a severely or moderately disabled person aged 19 or older (who is not a resident of Tallinn), when personalizing the Public Transport Card, must activate the travel discount either at the point of sale or on the website www.pilet.ee, by checking the box " I am a passenger travelling on a discounted ticket and I can prove my right to the discount with a document evidencing this right.".

E-tickets (or the right to free travel) must be validated for every journey by holding your Public Transport Card against the validator.

Hourly and 1- day e-tickets can be purchased using money loaded onto your Public Card by holding the card against the validator. The ticket system is designed in such a way that it sells passengers the cheapest available ticket within any 24-hour period.

Example: Full fare-paying passenger with Public Transport Card

Time of validation 9.00 9.15 9.50 18.00 20.15 22.10* 00.00* Total
Cost of journey upon validation 2,0 € - - 2,0 € 1,5 € 2,0 € 2,0 € 5,5 €
Cost of 1-day e-ticket 5,5 €
Cost had the system only sold hourly tickets:
Cost of journey upon validation 2,0 € - - 2,0 € 2,0 € 2,0 € 2,0 € 10,0 €
You save 4,5 €

Information about joint tickets for Tallinn, Harju County and Elron trains can be found online at www.pilet.ee

Purchasing tickets and loading money

Sales points

Tickets can be purchased and money can be loaded onto your Public Transport Card from marked sales points. You will find a list of sales points online at www.pilet.ee or you can call +372 611 8000. To purchase an e-ticket, present your Public Transport Card or give your card number. In case of personalised card, you may give your personal identification code. To purchase an e-ticket using money you have loaded onto your card, hold the card against the validator.


Swedbank, SEB, LHV, COOP and Luminor bank clients can purchase and load money onto their Public Transport Cards via their Internet bank. You can also pay using a MasterCard or Visa credit card. When purchasing an e-ticket, enter your card number or in case of personalised card, enter your personal identification code. More information is available online at www.pilet.ee


The 1322 hotline for purchasing tickets via your mobile operator is open to clients of Telia, Elisa and Tele2. You can pay for tickets purchased using the mobile app Pilet.ee with your bank card or by having the cost added to your mobile bill.

To purchase a ticket, dial 1322*ticketcode*IDcode. To load money onto your Public Transport Card or to purchase a ticket, dial 1322*ticketcode*cardnumber.

Purchasing tickets and loading money onto your card using your mobile phone is subject to a service fee of €0.32.

Additional information

E-tickets or the right to free travel must be validated for every journey by holding your Public Transport Card against the validator.

  • If the validator light is blue, hold your Public Transport Card against the validator.
  • If the validator light is green, your ticket has been activated or your travel card/discount is valid.
  • If the validator light is red, you do not have the right to travel and you do not have sufficient funds on your card to purchase a ticket.
  • If the validator light is yellow, wait while the apparatus validates your ticket or right to free travel.

You can use your Public Transport Card to buy tickets for up to 5 passengers at a time. To do so:

  • validate your own journey;
  • use the arrows to select the number of additional tickets you need;
  • select the OK button;
  • validate each additional journey.

If you validate your card repeatedly without indicating that you need additional tickets, the tickets will not be issued to you – the validator screen will simply keep informing you that your own journey has been validated.

If you fail to validate your e-ticket or your right to free travel, you may be fined for travelling without a valid ticket/discount.

Returning a Public Transport Card

Public Transport Cards can be returned within six months of being validated for the first time to the public service office of Tallinn City Government (Vabaduse väljak 7). Ridango AS will reimburse the €2 deposit you paid to purchase the card when you return it. If the card is damaged or was issued free of charge, no deposit is reimbursed.


There are no time limits on using money loaded onto a Public Transport Card – you can use it a month or even a year later. If you wish to return your card and get the funds left back, either visit the public service office of Tallinn City Government or send a digitally signed application to [email protected].
The maximum amount of payout is €10.00
When money is loaded to joint account for other reasons that this account is not meant for (other than buying tickets), then these financial transactions will be canceled and sums of money will be returned throught respective money loading channels (from account to account, from calling card to calling card).

6118000 or 14410
[email protected]

The price of a call to the information line is calculated based on the operator’s price list. Calls to or from info numbers are recorded to ensure better customer service.
To buy a ticket using your mobile phone, you must already have an agreement and limit. The codes for buying mobile tickets are given without expiry reminders. Tickets with expiry reminders cost an extra €0.51. The relevant ticket codes can be found online at www.pilet.ee. Further information and terms and conditions of use are also available online at www.pilet.ee.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]