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School cards

The following cards can also be used as proof of the right to use public transport:

  • the contactless chip cards that are issued by the EÜL via the Eduid.ee system: Estonian school and university student cards, ISIC school and university student cards, ITIC Teacher Identity Cards, IYTC Youth Cards cards; and

  • SEB bank issues contactless bank cards ISIC Student, ISIC Student and ITIC Teacher, which have the function of a public transport card Ühiskaart.

  • Swedbank ISIC MasterCard equipped with a contactless chip.

  • Student cards and personnel cards issued by Koolisüsteemide OÜ via Minu Kool system:

How does the card work?

In order to register a ride with the Public Transport or to prove the right to use the Public Transport, the cardholder first needs to register the card on www.pilet.ee. For this, you have to log in, enter your personal ID code and grant consent of your data being passed on to the ticket system.

If you are a registered resident of Tallinn, this is all you need to activate the right to use the Public Transport for free. If your residency is registered outside of Tallinn, you need to either load money on the card or purchase an e-ticket.

How can I buy a ticket for a student card?

The ISIC and student cards that have been added to the ticket system function the same way the Ühiskaart card does. Personalized public transport tickets of various duration can be bought on the basis of the user’s personal identification code from www.pilet.ee, via a mobile phone or at points of sale (see here for the full list) and the card can be used to validate the tickets purchased.

A ticket or a discount is not tied to a specific account, but to a persons’ ID code which is why it’s important to personalize your card. This also allows the user to use all the cards they have that have been tied to the Eduid.ee system – if you have both ISIC student card and ITIC teacher card, you can use either of them to validate your ticket or free transport eligibility. In order to use the card on Public Transport, the user needs to have an Estonian identification code.*

* If the user is an exchange student who had their Estonian ID issued after receiving the card (the card shows a different ID code or date of birth) then they need to order a new card that shows their Estonian identification code.

If the card expires

The cards registered in the ticket system can be used until they expire, unless the user loses the status that makes them eligible for the card (e.g. their status as a student or teacher expires) or closes their bankcard before the expiry date printed on the card (e.g. their status as a student or teacher expires). The user’s card is deactivated in such a case and an automatic notice about this is sent to the ticket system.

If the deactivated card had a valid e-ticket on it, the user needs to get a new Ühiskaart and personalize it in order to keep using the ticket.

If the card with funds on it is lost

If the card is either stolen or lost, please call 640 0423 or send an email to [email protected] so the card can be deactivated in the Eduid.ee database. If the card was originally issued by a bank, please turn to the bank that issued the card to block the card. Once the card is deactivated or blocked, it becomes invalid and unusable in Public Transport. Your funds on it will still remain intact to your ID code and can be reinstate to a new card.

Can I use both ISIC card and the Ühiskaart to register my ride?

Yes, you can use one personalized Ühiskaart and other cards with pictures at the same time: for example ISIC student and scholar cards, Estonian school and university student cards, ITIC card and IYTC youth card.